Note: Though we will always strive to keep our prices affordable, prices will inevitably rise as our business and the quality of our equipment grows.
That being said, whichever package you choose will be locked in at the price stated when you contact us
start with:
  • 10 hrs of filming

  • USB containing all of the films/footage you select

choose your film:
highlight film


3:30-5:00 minute film

capturing the best moments

of your wedding day.


feature film


5:30-8:00 minute film

capturing the essence of your entire wedding day. This film captures much more of your own unique story than the shorter Highlight Film.


premiere film

10+ minute film

This film is not for everyone. Most stories can be told through one of our Feature Films. However, there are some stories that transcend any limitations. If you believe you have one of those stories this is the film for you


Pick one: This is a new change to  our pricing. We did not feel that everyone should pay for raw footage unless it was something they wanted. This is what led us to make Raw Footage an additional item instead of bundling it into your base package.
Wedding events only


Full ceremony

Rehearsal Events

Any other major events


Full Raw Footage


This adds all of the raw footage from your wedding day to your complimentary Wedding Events. The raw footage will be available for purchase up to 1 year after your wedding.


add to your package:

Wedding Trailer/Instagram Film

Rehearsal Dinner Coverage

Drone Footage




Special Events


 This category covers a large range of events so the only true quote I could give you would be after hearing what your event includes. To receive a more accurate quote please contact us at:

Brand Films

 These are something I truly love doing. These films are a chance for you to explain what you do and why you do it to your audience. Our promise is to tell your story in a way that capture your audience's attention.

The pricing for these vary depending on the amount of shooting required to tell your story. As a rule of thumb I try to stick to a simple day rate. You will always be consulted beforehand if additional charges are required.

To receive a more accurate quote for your project, please fill out your information on our contact page or simply email us at: