Yours... Until every star burns out.

From the time we first got acquainted with Audrey over a wedding vendor facebook page we knew that we had found a story that needed to be told, though we did not know yet what that story was. It wasn't until early November 2017, over a nice cup of coffee at Indah Coffee in Columbia, SC, when we finally got to hear her and Justin's remarkable love story.

From day one, Justin defined himself as the heroic comforter that Audrey had always been searching for. As their relationship grew, Audrey would meet her friend Katherine on a very special black couch, in the corner of Essentials Coffee, and tell her all about this young man who was changing her life in ways that even she did not yet fully comprehend...

Their love grew but, even though it blossomed, their love for one another began to be tested. These tests took varying forms and after every test their love grew stronger. Call it love, stubbornness, perseverance or all three, but they began to know that this was no ordinary love. This was in fact, a love that would test time itself.

This brings us to their wedding day. Finally, these two souls would become one and their star would burn all the brighter. It was an honor and a privilege to watch this story unfold over the course of a single day. We are forever grateful for the opportunity to film and share their story with you.

It is our hope at Gypsy Films, that you enjoy this film about Justin & Audrey's love and that it inspires us all to love with the same fire that burns within them.

Creative Collaborators:


Marissa Siebert

Hazel Eyes Photography

Wedding Planner:

Jessica Burgbacher

Hair Design:

Wild Ivory Beauty


David's Bridal


Deana Bennett


Clara Davis

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